Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems

ETMS Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems

Providing programs, products and services that foster self-help, empowerment and capacity building by helping people discover how to learn more effectively, love more meaningfully, live more successfully and leave a legacy!

The vision of Ultimate Destiny™ is to contribute to the process of awakening, consciousness and transformation. Our mission is to co-creatively design, establish and support a global marketing and distribution infrastructure to provide programs, products and services that help individuals, organizations, and communities discover and manifest their ultimate destiny.

The primary purpose of Ultimate Destiny is to develop, create, attract, grow and retain new customers for our companies, affiliated non-profit organizations and strategic alliance partners. The resource providers receive such valuable benefits that they gratefully provide access to their products at discounted prices, access to their distribution channels, and their co-creative participation in our empowering events, programs and affiliated non-profit projects including our network of ETMS. We plan to establish ETMS in 100,000 locations throughout the world, beginning with the donation of 10,000 ETMS worth $10,000 each over a 10 year period.

Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems Ares of Focus:

Personal Growth

Heart Math Coherence, Self-assessment Instruments, Resource Centers,

Youth and Women’s Empowerment

Quantum Learning, Discovery Exercises, Certification of Facilitators

Organizational Development

Inspired Learning, Successful Living Coaches, On Line Learning

Community Development

Super Teaching, Empower Mentors, Interactive Multi-Media

Corporate Development

The Love Center

Empowerment Consultants

Resource Showcases

Successful Living Skills

Master Mind Groups

Community Partnerships

Self-Employment Training

Mastery Television, Local Support Groups, Strategic Alliances

Transformation and Consciousness

Edutainment and Video Games

Teleseminars and Webinars

Co-creative Visioneering

Speaker Training


Internet Marketing

Seminars and Workshops


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